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More footballers to head Down Under?

Meaning to follow up on this Rudd chap, I was looking at some Aussie newspapers. But I got distracted by this story from Tadhg Kenneally. Seems, we won’t be seeing any let up on the numbers of young footballers heading down under anytime soon if these comments are anything to go by (oh, and note the last paragraph):

“There’s been players from the stronger counties, and they decide not to come because they have an opportunity to win an All-Ireland medal. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not 20 players here in the next two years.

“It’s not a flood of players. A flood of players are going to England to play soccer, a flood of players are playing rugby union, that’s a flood.

“It’s not a huge drama at the moment. There’s 10 players here but in two to three years’ time, there could be 30-plus here.

“The problem is we’re taking the best players from Ireland, and that’s going to affect the game [there] in the future. That doesn’t sit too pretty with me. The last thing I want to do is to see the GAA [Gaelic Athletic Association], or the game itself, suffer.

“Two or three times a day there are stories about it back home, asking what the GAA is going to do about it.

They are probably going to bring in some policy and get players to sign contracts. Recently, they have set up a players’ association, and the Government is funding $5 million to give to players. So it’s the beginning of an era in Gaelic football where players are going to be paid.


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